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The next wave of fitness trackers will do a lot more than count your steps, mold raw data, and present it all for you in a pretty chart for you to glance at and forget about. If Jawbone Up is any indication, these wearables will use the subtle power of suggestion to help us live healthier lives, too.

Today, Jawbone is rolling out a new, slightly tongue-in-cheek but sleek app to help manage our caffeine intake. It is called Up Coffee.

Its premise is simple enough: You log your coffee, tea, and energy drink consumption in the app, which will tell you where you fall on a spectrum from “Wired” to “Sleep Ready.” If you have a fitness band, it will make correlations, and tell you when it might be wise to stop your intake if you’re hoping to sleep at a reasonable hour that night. “After tracking both caffeine intake and sleep for 10 days, Up Coffee can tell you things like the amount of sleep you lose on average for every 100mg of caffeine you ingest,” the company says.



FASHION: Iris Van Herpen Fall/Winter 2014

The artist Lawrence Malstaf, a specialist in the interaction between biology and physicality, collaborated with Iris Van Herpen on an installation that had models suspended in the air in what looked like oversized plastic bags with accordion shaped hoses running down the sides.

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